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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Whiny Wednesday: The New Sleep Routine

Gosh, this is my last post before we're on the beach next week...I can hardly believe it! It's really creeped up on me this time because not only did we decide to go a week earlier to secure the cottage we really wanted, but then we decided to go another (extra) week early. TWO weeks at the beach. I feel like we deserve it, yes? What a year it's been since we last visited. 

But I'm not ready to bombard you with beach tidbits just yet...I'll save that for the next two weeks! Today I thought I'd update you on our household sleep. Yawn. I can barely stay awake typing this. 

Let's Start with little C...
We've had a lot going on this week with both kids. I decided it was time for little C to switch to his own bed from ours. I may or may not have bribed him back in there with a shiny TV with all his fav DVDs. Hey, so far it's worked. Sorta. 

D. will lie down with him and watch something and read, then after the lights are out and he's asleep, voila. D. makes his exit. Problem? little C joins us again anywhere from midnight to 2:30 a.m. by pounding down the hallway full force ahead. Bless him...he's scared of the dark. He'll run straight to our bed full speed ahead, stuffed dog under his arm. And I kinda think it's adorable (whenever I'm not jumping out of my skin). I still get about four good hours of stretching out my legs and no knees in my stomach. So much more "good sleep" than I'm used to...I'll take it for now. (I just know the beach vacay will have us starting back at square one once home...sigh.)

And then baby L...
As for baby L, remember how I told you she's "sleeping through the night?" Well, she does and she doesn't. I've never met a baby who was such a good sleeper and then other times she's not. You honestly never know. Many times she'll sleep until 5:30 a.m. straight...but the other night it was 3:30 a.m...ugh. And now that she's getting closer to 16 months, I'm SO confused on her naps. Wha?! What do I do again? little C hasn't napped in almost three years...I'm totally rusty. 

Sunday was the first time she skipped a nap and it went glorious! She slept ok that morning and then napped about 12:30 or 1 after lunch. Then she slept almost two hours in her crib. Score! That night she went down just fine, but she ended up waking up so early the next morning that she couldn't bare to skip her morning nap the next day. So...she's had two straight days back at two naps. Today? We might possibly try one nap again. I think she's ready, it's just getting her to sleep in. She is *not* a late sleeper at all. Triple ugh. 

As I type this post, baby L is crying out and little C still isn't settled in his bed, and I think to myself "they say some day I'll miss this?!" Folks, I honestly can't *wait* until both kids sleep in their beds. It's a major life goal. It would make me so warm and fuzzy...for real. I need my (quality) sleep. Some day, perhaps?

Tell me. How do your little/big ones sleep? I need to know there's hope for my future. 

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