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Monday, June 15, 2015

Beach Hair Don't Care

Whew, I'm back, y'all. Let me tell ya the first day back from a two-week vacay is rough. I'm a little too used to having a million family members around to watch baby L as she wonders too far into the other room (or up the stairs...eek...she's such a climber) or entertain little C. while I eat a sandwich in peace. I must admit it's nice to be home, but the cottage we stayed in was so nice, I kinda wish I was back in that bed and not my own (considering I probably won't have it to myself for very long tonight with these silly kiddos!). Since beach hair is one of my personal fav things about "living the beach life" each summer, I thought I'd share with you my latest and greatest fav product that keeps my hair looking perfectly wavy.

I've written about this before, so bear with me. I love to talk about beachy waves! It's really quite simple if you have any wave to your hair at all. Shower at night...use an amazing spray (this is the key)...air-dry it overnight...wash up the next morning and lightly comb it and spray more of your fabulous sea spray. Voila!

In this case, my new fav sea salt spray (never be without one, wavy hair-loving folks) is the new John Frieda Sea Waves. And it's only $9.99 at your local drugstore. I was sent a sample, and it's truly awesome! (And, yes, I even used it throughout my beach vacay because, duh, I don't always get in the ocean.) 

Trust me when I say I've tried and used many different sprays (I love a sea salt spray as much as a dry shampoo...they're my absolute go-to's), so me loving this one is the real deal. It creates the perfect amount of tousled waves...it's not "crunchy" at all (so gross and so 80s) and it really works. The problem with a bad spray is that it doesn't do anything. I can certainly tell a difference with this one, folks. 

So basically you can have beachy hair even while not at the beach. I love that. 

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