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Monday, June 8, 2015

Digital Graffiti at Alys Beach

It just so happens that one of the coolest events in town happened the first weekend of my beach vacay - the annual Digital Graffiti at Alys Beach, Florida, presented by The Alys Foundation. It started in 2008, and although I've driven through and seen the illuminated white buildings every year since then, this is the first year my wedges have actually walked through the artsy cobblestones. I'm so very glad I did because, hello, it's beautiful and so, so inspiring. My right-brained self rejoices!

Dozens of digital artists from around the globe competed for prizes totaling $10k and the three-day event included a tour by Curator Brett Phares, a media brunch (with the most amazing light bites from Caliza chef Kevin Korman - and I loved my coffee from Fonville Press), dinner at Caliza, a gallery stroll and the actual festival with a gorgeous poolside party at Caliza at the conclusion. Might I add I also tried paella for the first time and it was lovely. And I had the best tacos from new restaurant The Hub, located at WaterSound. (I also have to add that I may or may not have sat in an inflatable chair to eat and nearly wound up on the floor. Insert lots of OMGs here. Inflatable furniture is the one thing I hope they reconsider next year, considering the same thing happened to the girl next to me!)
One of my favorite works was Human Effect by Yandell Wilson (who won Best of Show). This one was interactive and everyone was having a blast touching the flowering vines, moss and butterflies as they spread across the walls. "Moving closer, one sees the new life wither and slowly die, possibly destroyed by human presence, only to be renewed once more as viewers move away," according to the release.

Fish Loops by David Bennett was a fun one as well as Side/counter/parting by Jasmine Powell that resembled a "twisted landscape."

It was such a fun weekend and the graphics really were out of this world. If you haven't visited Alys Beach or Highway 30A in Florida, it's truly a must visit. Check back here tomorrow for a style post among the iconic white walls. Until then...I'll be lounging on the beach...wink.


  1. Looks like so much fun! And you look amaazzzing in the last pic - perfect beach hair!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing an image of my projection art, Strange Neighbors, at the top of this post. Having the work projected on ivy was amazing. I had never been to Digital Graffiti before and was overwhelmed by the energy and enthusiasm of the crowd. It was an amazing experience! -Tracy (Miller-Robbins)


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