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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

How I Wore My Heels: Beach Time

 We're *finally* headed for the beach ya'll...squeal!! I can't even tell you how excited I am. Being from the South, it's easy to declare the beach as our fav family hot spot just like the rest of everyone, but going to the beach for me isn't just a fun place. It's a way of life. A new attitude. A place where I can go and put all my cares away. I can let my hair down and forget about my makeup (well, for the most part)...trade my stilettos for wedges for awhile. Everyone is happy at the beach, you know? I love to see my kids playing their little hearts out. I love having our entire family all in one place.

Yet this year there will be a missing piece I can't help but ignore. Since my dad won't be there, things will be a little different. And while I don't wanna dwell on the sadness, I can't escape the feeling that's there. My dad would've loved to see baby L splashing in the water and played with little C. in the sand. But I also know that my dad wouldn't want me to be sad, so while I remember him this year and miss him so terribly much, I can't wait to get in some R&R after the rough year we've been through. Beach life is therapy. I'm ready to embrace the salty air, the ocean breezes and the yummy seafood. Daddy, this one's for you!

P.S. Funny story about this dress is I discovered it on a teacher at parent-teacher conference, and immediately took myself to LOFT to purchase. (Might I add, little C. has the chicest teachers and I get myself in trouble every time I hit carpool!) It was actually so popular, I had to order it in the store (which is amazingly easy...psst...size down on this dress). This "swing dress" came with a belt that I decided I would use on my new Sophia hat sent to me from La Senorita Jolie. Wedges are by French Connection (and you bet they're on their way to the beach right now!). Watch is by Modify.

I was also sent this sweet, sweet "mom" necklace by jewelry designer Helen Ficalora. Her designs are really popular right now with chic mamas, and while I have the simple sterling silver disk charm, there are so many options you'll love. I'm obsessed with mine, but also the initials you can get with diamonds...and then add sweet little charms like a tiny seashell or seahorse (I'm totally doing this!).

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