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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Whiny Wednesday: Gluten-Free on the Go

A couple of weeks ago we were at the beach. Say it with me...ahhhhhhh. I'd love to be back. Swimming in the ocean...walking to get coffee...enjoying the sun and the sand. You gotta admit...nothing beats beach hair. 

I will say that having a child with a special diet makes traveling a little more difficult, but once you get used to it, things get way easier. For instance, you have to learn the best brands in addition to your kids' favorite treats. It didn't take us long to discover little C loves his Udi's

I mean, bread is kinda a big deal because it's something we eat a lot. And it's something that's hard to find without gluten that tastes good. little C doesn't even flinch with his Udi's whole grain bread. We make sandwiches...toast...snacks. He loves putting jam on it!
So it's no surprise that we had to have our glorious GF bread on the trip. What a great thing to keep on hand in the car! And crazy to think, but little C would rather ask for bread than a piece of candy! 

Besides the bread, both little C (and baby L!) are obsessed with both the Udi's Blueberry and Double Chocolate muffins. And...shhhh...I kinda am, too. (Of course, I would neeeeever sneak a bite!)

These kiddos eat muffins every day...it's their "thing." And since I allow little C only half sometimes, he shares with baby L. He's a fan of blueberry and she chocolate. Just like her mother! 

If you're a gluten-free house, I suggest you try Udi's (who was nice enough to send us samples *straight* to our beach house). We couldn't imagine life without it!  

P.S. And here's a bonus photo of my favorite chair at the beach cottage...kitchen directly behind it. Glorious. 

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