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Monday, July 27, 2015

How I Wore My Heels: Target Denim

It's a new week with new beginnings and I'm loooooving my new Target denim! But, seriously. Let's take a moment and squeal over these amazing distressed jeans from Mossimo. Thirty. Dollars. I took both kids shopping with me at Target last weekend and I won't lie, I was completely nervous. Try on jeans...with two kids. Call me crazy, right?! 

I'm so excited to report though that they were amazing for me (I may or may not have wheeled the huge two-kid buggy into the family dressing room and let them play with hangers...blush). little C still doesn't understand why I favor holes in my jeans, and little L continues to point, but shrug. A girl can't help it - it just feels so effortless and once you go distressed, you can't go back. 

The revamped denim (and I do mean revamped because it fits so comfy) includes lots of styles from jeggings to boyfriend (I tried those on, too, and they were cute but these won my heart). There are also choices in wash, and I chose the darker one for these jeggings. These fit true to size, and I love wearing my favorite heels with them! They're so stretchy that they're super-duper comfy. 

The selection of Target denim this fall allows for every shape and size and really mimics the look of high-end jeans - without the price tag. If you're looking for fall jeans, you've got to try the new Target denim!

Disclaimer: I received compensation and a free pair of jeans form Target for the purpose of the this review. All opinions are my own. 

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