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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Colorful Kotur Clutches

I love it when a handbag is a piece of art. Accessories are my fav part of an outfit always because you can really transform a look with just one piece. It's amazing how they can work to your advantage (or disadvantage, if you're not careful!). 

Kotur makes the most breathtaking bags that many celebs carry on the red carpet - and that I'm starting a handbag fund for in my own name. Wink. Just recently, Candace Cameron Bure carried the pastel box clutch above, and it's one of my favs. Simple, yet charming. Color is my fav way to punch up the accessory game. 

And speaking of color, Andie McDowell carried this eye catching colorful clutch to a Bev Hills party. Jealous, much? Just *think* of the fashion wonders this clutch could do. Need it...want it...love it. 

P.S. Kotur makes shoes now, too. Squeal!!!

[photos courtesy Getty Images]

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