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Monday, November 16, 2015

How to Get Hot Winter Hair

It's getting colder, so I found it super necessary to show you exactly what you need to keep your tresses looking gorgeous in the approaching frigid air. 

LOVE a hat, but don't want hat hair? Read up on these tips from O&M Global Creative Director and Stylist/Colorist Janelle Chaplin. 

1. Beat hat hair by parting you hair in the opposite direction as it normally falls for instant volume. Once you remove your hat, flip it back and use an O&M Classic Brush to smooth and even out your tresses. For added shine and to reduce static, use O&M Frizzy Logic.


2. Plan on rocking a beanie? O&M Project Sukuroi, a golden smoothing balm, can be applied to the hair before styling for an easy look. Start by parting hair evenly and French braid each side to create a trendy look under your hat. French braids keep hair together and do not leave dents in the hair once removed.

3. Keep curls intact while walking to the subway, car, or bus by twisting your curls into a low, loosely pinned bun at the bottom back of your neck. Remove the pin and shake out. Spritz O&M Know Knott, a conditioning detangling spray, liberally to ends to fight stubborn tangles and keep your newly formed loose waves intact.

4. If you're looking  to transition your hair color for the cooler months, take your strands a few shades richer by having a gloss placed on once a month to keep the color looking luscious. To keep hair hydrated, swap out your conditioner with a moisture mask and use from the midsection to ends every time you shampoo. O&M Seven Day Miracle is an intense hair mask containing Macadamia Seed Oil and Organic Argan Oil, which help in hydration and keep hair healthy.

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