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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Do Women Really Need Botox to Look Great?

Gone are the days when Botox and other related cosmetic procedures were reserved for the housewives of Beverly Hills and A-list celebrities. Women have embraced plastic surgery to an extent that Botox injections have become the most common medical procedure in the United States. So if you’re still living in the dark ages where plastic surgery is the equivalent of dark magic I suggest you pay attention and get educated. The question we want to answer today is, "do women really need Botox to look great?" Hopefully by the end of this piece we will have come to an informed decision.

For over 20 years an American pharmaceutical company named Allergan has been producing a bacterium called “Clostridium botulinum” and packaging it as Botox. Patients are then injected with the liquid to treat both medical and cosmetic conditions. The liquid has the ability to relax underlying muscles and make wrinkle lines less deep. In this regard dermatologists recommend it for treating frown lines, wrinkles, nasal crunch lines and squint and smile lines. 

The Procedure
The Botox injections should be given by a highly-qualified medical practitioner, but many other medical practitioners such as nurses, dentists and general medics have a habit of offering the treatment on the side. It is illegal and they are not legally responsible for any side effects. The injection is administered on the affected area and should take no longer than 10 minutes. In addition, the injection is not painful and one can go back to work even 30 minutes after it is done. The effects will be seen after 72 hours although some patients take up to 7 days to see the full effect. The injection will last 3-6 months and most patients will average about 3 injections a year.

Now that we know the basics let us get down to the juicy part.

Who Can’t Get Botox?
Pregnant women, nursing mothers and those diagnosed with neuromuscular diseases should not have Botox administered. Additionally, anyone who is allergic to human albumin will resist any effects of the drug.

Now that we have identified who can’t enjoy the benefits of this mystic portion let us establish who can get Botox and whether it is of any benefit to them. The list is based on various age groups so as to make your decision more specific.

No teen should have any form of cosmetic surgery unless it is reconstructive or medically beneficial. As a teen your body is still maturing and you should find alternatives such as relaxing, eating better and exercise.

Early 20s
Some dermatologists have come up with the term “preventive Botox” in order to justify administering this treatment to young girls. They claim that they can use Botox to improve facial symmetry thereby reducing the need of other cosmetic treatments once the patient is older. It should however be noted that there are no medical studies to back up such claims. 

Mid 20s
Most people in this age bracket do not need Botox, but some are considered candidates for preventive Botox. Again it should be noted that cosmetic surgery at this age is unnecessary and no medical studies have proved them useful in any capacity. You’re better to relax, eat healthy and exercise. 

Late 20s
This is where most dermatologists can start predicating whether you should have some Botox done on you. Your skin has aged and Botox can help reverse or prevent some issues. Some of the biggest candidates include those who have had a lot of sun exposure, those who have exaggerated facial expressions, and squinters, frowners and eyebrow-raisers.

Your 30s are apparently the best time to have preventive Botox that will save you some anguish in your later years. The treatment can be administered in a prophylactic way so as to ensure that you need less work done in your later years.

40s and Onward
Ask any dermatologist and they will admit that they are very few women who will not benefit from Botox at these advanced ages. It is only a matter of choice and preference. In fact, some of those who did not undertake preventive measures in their earlier years will have to do more than just Botox to reclaim their youthful features. 

Basically Botox is not necessary but one can enjoy all its benefits throughout their lifetime without suffering the side effects that the drug is so notorious for. 

Do women really need Botox to look great? No. Can Botox be administered in a structured way so as to ensure a woman avoids some of the downfalls of aging? Yes. The choice is now yours.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post and I received compensation in exchange for it.

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