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Monday, December 7, 2015

How I Wore My Heels: The Chic Little Jacket

I'm sorry, but I have a problem with faux leather leggings. It's just that they go with everything. And want sad news? After these photos were taken, I realized that my beloved leggings had a tear in them. I am now taking suggestions on your FAVORITE faux leather leggings on the planet. And you must tell me now because I can't go a week without wearing them. 

I've been mixing and matching all kinds of jackets lately. I've decided that a great jacket can really transform an outfit and take it a long way. It's a simple thought process for moi who is extremely overwhelmed in the mornings getting myself ready and two kids. Chic little bomber jackets (in a sweet reptile print like this one by Walter Baker from Shop Buru) make my life a breeze!

And pretty much just add a pair of black ankle booties and voila! I get SO many comments on these random ankle booties - way more than a high heel. I think because they're versatile and understatedly chic (is that even a phrase? well, it's mine now.). 

P.S. Rebecca Minkoff has a zillion little cute things for under $100 right now - and this little baby is the ultimate. I see you, New York friends. I'll be back oh-so-soon. Wink.

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