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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Beauty Vloggers Gabi and Niki DeMartino Share Their Style Favorites

YouTube beauty bloggers GabiGabi and Niki DeMartino

Twins Gabi and Niki DeMartino are YouTube beauty sensations with 2.7 million subscribers...like whoa. And they aren't even out of school yet! (I feel sheepish.) On Instagram, they have 1 million followers and nearly 245,000 on Twitter. If you wanna know what's hot in beauty, visit NikiandGabiBeauty on YouTube. These bloggers have got it going on (wait. I feel so old saying that...). 

And now, my burning questions for them!

I Heart Heels: I love a great metallic slingback. What's your daily "style uniform?
Gabi DeMartino: Socks with pumps!
Niki DeMartino: Cute comfy clothes...I make sure my casual wear is on fleek!

IHH: Do you have a signature scent?
Gabi: Molecule from barneys!
Niki: Anything coconut. 

IHH: What's one beauty product you buy over and over? 
Gabi: Rimmel lip liner in the shade Tiramisu. 

IHH: Favorite song of the moment?
Gabi: Moments by Tove Lo
Niki: Sorry by Justin Bieber

IHH: You've probably been asked a million times, but how did you get into beauty and then decide to start a YouTube channel?
Gabi: We originally began with a channel called "00remakegirls" where people would comment with questions such as "where did you get your top? Can you do a makeup tutorial? How did you do your hair?" Eventually Niki and I made a beauty channel!

IHH: What do you think has made you so successful and how do you stand apart from all the other beauty channels?
Gabi: Staying true to our roots and not letting anything change us from who we were in the beginning. Stay humble!
Niki: I think the fact that we're twin sisters, but we're distinctly different in who we are as people in our styles. I'm more edgy, hipster and bold with color and Gabi is more girly and retro.

IHH: Favorite stores to shop?
Gabi: LUSH, BCBG, Tobi, Nasty Gal
Niki: Urban Oufitters or Free People

IHH: What should we look forward to from you in 2016?
Gabi: Music! Music! Music! 
Niki: Much more original music, covers and events! 
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  1. im not a hater, i swear.. but music? again? seriously? :((( we subscribed for a different reason...

  2. Could they be any more perfect????!!! My favorite you tubers ever!

  3. Cool red jacket :)
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    Maria V.


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