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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Essie at Alexander Wang Fashion Week Show

Essie nail polish at Alexander wang fashion show
I've always been an essie fan when it comes to my nail polish - it's amazing! Once I was at a conference in New York and even heard the founder (Essie Weingarten) speak...it was life-changing. No, really. Her polishes are so pretty - from the colors to the packaging. Not to mention, they have the cutest names and stay put for ages. 

Essie does a lot of work at New York Fashion Week, obviously. And these looks are from the Alexander Wang show. Just beautiful! Michelle Saunders for essie created a soft nail, inspired by pink chalk. (I mean, who doesn't love that right? Channeling my inner child right now.) To achieve the look she layered tuck it in my tux over fiji, and then applied matte about you to add a matte, chalky finish. These sorta remind me of my favorite cookies with royal icing. So sweet and smooth. LOVE it. (and now I run to go buy the ridge filling - the secret ingredient!)

Oh how I wish I were backstage viewing these nails IRL...but for this season, these images will have to do! 

To get this look:
1. Apply ridge filling base coat to clean, filed nails.
2. Next, apply one coat of fiji.
3. Them apply one coat of tuck it in my tux.
4. Finish with matte about you.

Expert tip: When creating a chalky nail look, use ridge filling base coat to create a smooth, flawless surface.

Essie nail looks at Alexander wang fashion week show

[photos courtesy BPCM]

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