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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Beauty Talk with Dina Manzo

Glow by Dina
I know a ton of you are definitely fans of the (former...tears!) Housewife Dina Manzo. (I won't lie, I can't help myself...eek!) So when I heard chic mom Dina was breaking through into the beloved beauty industry with her Glow by Dina line (made by practicing board-certified dermatologists), I couldn't wait to talk to her. Of course I asked my burning questions and the rest is history. Read below on all of the inside scoop straight from DM:

I Heart Heels: What's your personal favorite from your skincare line-up and why?
Dina Manzo: I love the serum because it's so clean and light that you can easily wear it under moisturizer and makeup. The Vitamin C pellets pop on your face releasing a refreshing scent that's so yummy! 

Dina Manzo Glow by Dina skincare line

IHH: Have you always had great skin? Did you ever go through a rough patch as a teen? 
DM: I struggled with acne most of my young adult life. It wasn't until I started working for a beauty supply that I started to study the do's and dont's of skin care. 

IHH: Are there are other lifestyle choices you make as well to get your amazing, glowing skin?
DM: Absolutely. The key to glowing skin is a combination of what you put in your body, what you apply on your skin, and how well you manage your stress levels. 

IHH: How important to you was making the skincare for sensitive skin?
DM: Very important. I have such sensitive skin that I know the struggle and love hearing our glow stories on how people with sensitive skin finally found a product they can use. 

IHH: What's one product that works for someone trying to get good skin fast, for an upcoming event, for example?
DM: Glow by Dina will always give you that great base for beautiful glowing skin, but Manuka honey is my go-to natural face mask that will give you a little extra brightness. 

Dina Manzo of Real Housewives skincare cleanser

IHH: We've heard Teresa is a fan. Will you send any other celebrities your skincare to try? 
DM: I've sent to some of the other girls (including Jacqueline and Melissa) and they all love it! 

Editor's Note: Glow by Dina is made from non-harsh, non-toxic ingredients, isn't expensive and 10-percent of the proceeds goes to Project Ladybug. What's more to love??

Real Housewives Dina Manzo skincare

[photos courtesy Skin Resource MD]

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