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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Whiny Wednesday: Sweet Stripes

Gosh, I just love dressing little L. up in sweet little summertime dresses. It's the absolute best! But not fancy dresses. Zutano has the ultimate dresses that really almost feel like play attire to me - in a dress! Everything is knit and so soft (and washable!) - and it helps that they come in really cute colors and patterns and real people can actually afford it. No, really.

Sometimes I dress her for church in these and then she literally stays in it all day, playing and happy. And I definitely don't mind sending her to daycare in them, either. Of course, she wears shorts and tees like any other toddler, but there's something adorable about a summer dress. Ya know?

She's officially a spunky little girl these days and getting into everything, by the way. What melts my heart is when she holds her big brother's hand to cross the street or wants to say good morning to him when she wakes up. As much as they have their sibling squabbles (oh man, they do), you can tell she really adores him and I hope they can be good friends as they get older. With the 4-year age gap it's a little difficult right now, but it gets easier every day. I think she's growing on him just a little bit.

And I certainly do treasure these moments of little when I can dress her up like a little baby doll. Because I know prettttttty soon she's going to have a say-so. But I'm also pretty sure she would pick a Zutano dress in a heartbeat. Wink. I've brought her up well. 

Hope all you mamas are enjoying the start of this hot summer with your kiddos...stay cool! xoxo

Disclaimer: There was no compensation for this post. I did receive this dress from Zutano in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own. Best brand ever!

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