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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Whiny Wednesdays: Nom Nom

Zoli Nom Nom lunch boxes
Despite little L's expression (omigosh, she has so many of them at two, y'all), we are all so excited to head back to school this these cute-as-a-button lunch boxes. (Thank you, Zoli!) little C. has been obsessed with this brand (ok, it's partly me, too) since he was born. 

True story. I searched high and low for the perfect lunchbox this year because this is an extremely important component of back to school. I mean, they use it every day! And it's something they need to love since they carry it. I love how the design on the Zoli Nom Nom is subtle, yet they can pick their fav colors to express themselves. (And they hate to admit it, but they kinda love having the same lunchbox this year.)
Nom Nom eco-friendly lunch boxes from Zoli
The reason why none of the others I found made the cut? They had nasty chemicals all over. Who really wants to eat from that, seriously. Zoli is both PVC and lead free - thank goodness. It's also insulated with a divider on the inside. I love it because instead of wide, it's tall. Which always feels like there is more room and it's easier to organize, especially with the drink situation. 

The exterior is canvas and I've actually washed it in the past and had luck with it coming clean (just make sure you don't wait too long to wash or will be too late). These cuties come in 5 colors and are $24 on zoli-inc.com. I promise you if you're looking for something functional, durable, cute and chemical-free, these are the best. 

Keep reading the next few weeks on all of our back to school picks!

Nom Nom eco-friendly lunch boxes from Zoli

Nom Nom eco-friendly lunch boxes from Zoli

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