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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Whiny Wednesday: Mama C.'s Road Trip (Sponsored Post)

Hello again, it's Mama C. with one more rave about my Toyota Camry (did you catch last week's post?) - I completely forgot! Besides loving the fabulous trunk I stuff with shopping bags galore and the roomy interior for toting around baby C., I can't resist my sunroof and CD player. I guess they're considered "add-ons," but to me they're pretty much essentials.

We took another road trip last week (yep, I told you we liked them!), and once it started to cool down, the fam rode around for hours with our version of "the top down." I must admit, sometimes we ride with it open and the air conditioning on (just don't tell my husband!), complete with the windows down. I put on my favorite Rob Thomas CD in the CD player and we completely grooved along (hope I'm not embarrassing my daughter too much?). It really is moments like these that I wouldn't trade for the world.

Love ya, J. and thanks for having me this month, Mama C.

P.S. Once again, by "sponsored post," I mean I actually made a few bucks from Mama C. writing this particular post (I know, I owe Mama C. again, right?). It in no way, shape or form discredits Mama C.'s true love for her Toyota Camry, and especially her sunroof (that's just not possible...).

[Photo Courtesy Toyota.com]

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