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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Activia, My Jeggings Thank You

Happy Fashion Week, chicettes! I'm in the process of jet-setting straight to Lincoln Center, host of this year's Mercedes-Benz NY Fashion Week. In the meantime, I thought I'd fill you in a little more on Dannon Activia. It won't take long, I promise. Remember last week's post? I just had to expand a little.

I'm mainly here to tell you just how darn healthy Activia is for you - and your wardrobe. Being a clotheshorse, can be hard work, right? Loving fashion means keeping up with fashion (constantly), which means keeping your body in shape in the long run. I can't stand when I've bought a favorite cardi and it no longer fits or my jeans fit too snug while I'm driving (ouch).

Basically, instead of heading for a stack of pancakes or greasy sausage, I use Activia as my breakfast to regulate my digestion. Sometimes, I throw in an English muffin or a banana on the side, but the yogurt keeps me full longer and starts up my brain early in the day (hey, and it's so easy to pop open or carry on the go with a nine-month-old baby!). Activia, my jeggings thank you.

To be continued once more after Fashion Week...

P.S. By "sponsored post," I mean I actually made a few bucks writing this particular post. It in no way, shape or form discredits my true love for Dannon Activia (that's just not possible...).

[Photo Courtesy Dannon]

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