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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Lilla P. Styling Challenge: Origami Wrap

Hola, chicsters! So today marks the second week of my "style challenge" with the brand Lilla P. This week's challenge? The origami wrap ($98). Say it with me, ohhhhhh. If you've never owned a top like this before, you don't quite realize just how essential it can be to your closet. I mean, this wrap can be worn at least 10 ways (they even have a video about it on their site!). 

One of the main selling points for me is that it comes in 24 colors (yes, you read that right! can you believe it?!). I chose this gorgeous Parsley green hue that all redheads practically adore (and yes, full disclosure, it was provided to me for this contest to try out). The Pima Jersey is just like that of the striped top I wore last week - super thin and very fine quality. And this makes it so, very easy to shape it how you want to wear it. 

Can we talk about that, I guess? I usually don't choose preppy, but I thought the delicate, feminine look of this wrap mixed well with a classic button-down and pair of jeans. I just wrapped it right around my front and let the white button-down show at all angles - I love this relaxed, carefree look. I paired it with my favorite wide-leg Paige denim and suede wedges, and added a glitzy cuff to accessorize (but nothing over the top).

I found this wrap to run according to size, although keep in mind it is much snugger when you layer (duh, right?). But, again, the fabric allows for plenty of shaping. What do you think? Prep school chic, indeed. How would you style it? Keep reading until next week because I Heart Heels is giving away one of each of these chic-tastic shirts. Clap your hands and say yeah! xo

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  1. this one is the best!! i love how many colors it comes in and how many ways you can wear it, the most versatile top i've ever seen!! love, love, love!!


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