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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Josie Natori for Target

Valentine's Day is approaching chicettes, so it's time to get all mushy and such. Oh, spare me. Do you like the holiday? I mean, I guess I like it so-so (hey, I get to go out to dinner and get a card with lots of pretty hearts on it!), but I think it's especially important to love those you're close to all year. So this day is just kinda one of those reminders, perhaps.

I was waltzing down the Target aisle just the other day (yep, I waltz when I'm in Target...love that store!) when lo and behold I saw the second installment of the Josie Natori for Target collection. I must admit I've never bought my lingerie at Target, but things have changed, folks. I love this line! I was already a Josie Natori fan, but I think this collection is super-fine-quality and at an affordable price ($9.99-$34.99...and many are on sale online now!). Not to mention, everything is cute-as-button-adorable. I actually received a sample of the black/grey snakeskin-print leggings above ($29.99...shown with the sleep tee that's $19.99), and can I tell you I'm hooked? They're like buttah (um, that's butter) on the skin, and I must admit I've lounged in them a little too much around the house lately. 

What's more? I've been wearing them as what they are...leggings! Some of you might balk at this, but these are totally cute enough to wear out with a long cardi (I actually wore them with this BCBG cardi this past weekend) and a pair of riding boots. Just make sure whatever you wear them with, it's pretty muted and tame (they are snakeskin-print, after all). 

The collection run ends February 23, so you've still got plenty of time to decide on that perfect V-Day concoction (or choose the leggings are they're great for all year long!). Air kisses to you and yours...mwah! xo

P.S. I've also shown photos of a couple other favs of mine, including the racerback knit chemise ($24.99) and the sheer floral cami/tap shorts set, with lingerie pouch ($24.99/set).

[Photos Courtesy Target]

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