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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Shoe Site "Love Be Loved" Launches

When I discover a brand-new concept, I get all giddy with excitement. I get so tired of the same Web sites doing the same thing...I mean, don't you? (Hopefully, I Heart Heels provides you with this uniqueness as well!) That's why I wanna let you know about Love Be Loved. It's made specifically for you to save on shoes (ok, already sold) simply by you telling your friends on Facebook. Basically, "share the love" and save. No, really. It's that easy!

The site just launched last month, so there aren't a ton of style options just yet (give them time!), but I can't tell you how much I squealed when I saw these boots were on there from Chinese Laundry...for just $70 after the discount. (Remember my post on the ever-amazing Turbo boots?!) These "Top" boots are over-the-knee (but not in a trashy way at all), and I can't really tell you how they're different from the Turbo boot I love so much...it's pretty much the same boot. Mine are black, but they also come in a gorgeous chocolate brown and red (they're suede, by the way). There are several other great heel styles as well. So hurry up and go advertise your love for them...you'll get a discount just like that! 

P.S. There's also a $20 discount just for "liking" Love Be Loved on Facebook. That's what I'm talking about...
 [Photos Courtesy Love Be Loved]

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