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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Katharine McPhee Hearts Her Red Jeans

I know you're thinking "she's writing about red jeans again?" But, bear with me please as I have one of my moments. You know, don't you have them? One of those moments where you start thinking about a certain piece that you must own in your closet - or else. Oh wait, you don't have those? (insert bashful face) Well, if you'll just play along with me, I promise this is my last red jeans post (ok, I can't promise, but I can certainly try). 

The latest pair was seen on Katharine McPhee just recently as she takes a break from her new NBC show Smash (it actually premiered last night...did any of you watch it?? alas, I don't watch much TV, so this girl was just busy blogging...) Can you believe these are from American Eagle and only $44.50? They look so cute with black riding boots, but I think black heels would be just as killer for a night out with friends, no? (and I have this idea of pairing them with a denim shirt...when one piece is colored denim it doesn't seem so naughty)

It really seems like AE's doing some pretty cool, fashion-forward stuff lately (ahem, a new shoe collab), so I'm hoping to hop in a store here very soon and browse through it all. Red jeans, shoes...ok, I think I'll be in there awhile. Penciling it in on my calendar right now.

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