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Monday, March 12, 2012

Fashion Star Premieres This Week on NBC

Fashion Star starts tomorrow, and I honestly can't wait. Obvi I'm a huge fan of Nicole Richie's style, and she's been making the promo rounds since she's a "mentor" on the show. The Thakoon dress she recently wore is nice and cheery, don't you think? (although it does seem she needs some frizz control on the hair...alas, not my fav) 

And back in August when all of the show details were juuuuust starting to unravel, I Heart Heels caught up with Nicole Chavez, Jessica Simpson's stylist on the show, who is also a mentor. (girl, def knows shoes...I wore a pair just this weekend!) 

So, in case you didn't read it the first time (or you just loved it sooooo much you wanna read it again, haha), here is what NC had to say about dressing Jessica for the show (oh, and it's all taped pre-pregnancy...)!

P. S. I'm actually (really and truly) kind of excited to watch this new show...anyone else?

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