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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Kourtney Kardashian Stays Warm in Skaist-Taylor

You know those pieces of clothing you want to hate, but just love? Like, entirely too much? Yep, that's this one for me. I looooove the Skaist-Taylor Mongolian coat (in mint) that Kourtney Kardashian recently wore in New York. I'm sort of a sucker for a big, fuzzy coat so this one had me at hello. (Last time I visited my in-laws, my sister-in-law shouted, what is this big fuzzy thing on the couch?? oh right, it might be a fashion thing...Bless her.)

The only catch here is there are really only certain ways to wear this beaut. Slick your hair back in a pony...and make sure your pants are skinny. Voila! Also, wear heels to avoid looking dumpy, but that's a general life rule, really. I love how Kourtney added a pop of color underneath. I like the orange, but could also see purple looking pretty sweet peeking out. I think mint's a great alternative to other shades - it's not your average. And remember when everyone was wearing them in jeans? So not flattering. That's one reason I'm loving it on this jacket...way easier to pull off for most. 

Besides, don't you just feel plain fancy wearing something oversized and fuzzy like this? Raising both hands here. 

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  1. I love fuzzy things too! Today's post isn't quite as fuzzy but I currently beyond obsessed with faux fur!! OBSESSED!!!


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