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Thursday, April 4, 2013

My Favorite Warm Weather Trends

As I sat staring at a blank blog post, absolutely nothing inspired me today. Until this. I tried to think to myself, even though spring's not realllllly here, what am I madly in love with this season? The answer led me back to these heels. My gosh! I found a couple more shots I took from this shoot a few weeks ago, and the mix of these colors is seriously inspiring. Vivid is where it's at for me this spring. And I'm not talking neon, necessarily (although I do love), I'm talking about finding that perfect mix of gorgeous hues and owning it. Pastels may be popular these days, but I'm still with the brights, personally. Much more flattering!

To me, mixing the same hue monochromatically makes an incredible impression on the eye. You just can't help but stare! It used to be I would scoop up every black heel I could find (no, seriously), until one day I had a life-changing epiphany that if I couldn't necessarily wear color by face (not so flattering on me), why not on my shoes? And so all of this leads me to my fav trends for the upcoming warm weather (can I click my heels to make that happen?):

1. Bright Colors, especially HEELS
2. Mixing Colors (of the same hue!)
3. Polka Dots (you'll probably never get rid of this on my list)
4. Chambray (throw it on with everything, especially those bright colors)
5. Peplum (it won't die, and it shouldn't...it's a matter of choosing the right one, including cut, fit and color, for your body)

Oh, and I also got some feedback from the Twitterverse on some of your fav trends! 
From @sailingseastyle: Neon! I have also been loving any type of printed pants or jeans.

From @maebad: Love florals! But pretty/modern floral, not grandma floral. ;)

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