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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

How I Styled My Hair: drybar Dallas

If you follow along on Twitter or Instagram, you know I had a LOT of fun this past weekend on our annual girl's trip to Dallas (more on this later). Of course, this year was a bit different because I'm expecting and already in my sixth month, so it slowed me down a bit. But only to get my pampering done at drybar, that is. I was able to talk my mom and sister into getting our hair done after lunch and before a big day of shopping at drybar at the Shops at Highland Park. And since I had already had an amazing experience at the NYC locale inside the Le Parker Meridien hotel, I knew we wouldn't regret stopping for just a moment to relax.

If you haven't visited drybar, you're missing out. The first time I went I made an online reservation...this time? I went all fancy and used the iPhone app. Since it was my first time to use the app though I called afterwards anyway to make sure we were set - since we had three of us. The girl at the front desk was super duper helpful and nice, and she was able to make notes in our appointments on the length of hair. She built in an extra 15-20 minutes for my Rapunzel-like tresses. :) (But really...my mom had enough time to go next door and get eyelash extensions as I finished mine!)

The look of all drybars are the same...with a fun waiting area with cookies and products to browse, but you can also peek at what's to come later as the area's so open and airy. There's, obviously, one long bar where everyone sits to get styled. The best part? They offer you anything you want to drink, including champagne (which I sadly declined this time around, for obvious reasons). They then ask you what you want on the "menu" and you can choose which way you want to be styled (since drybar only offers a shampoo (which is actually my fav part...you can even add a massage called a "floater") and blowout...no cut...it's pretty simple and straightforward!). 

I'd say about 99-percent of the time, I opt for the sleek and straight look on my blowout (you've seen selfie after selfie, right?). This time I wanted something different (and did I mention it was raining?), so went for the Mai Tai, aka beachy waves. Now, in everyday living this is actually how I wear my hair, but I honestly don't put much effort into it (wash, add some product, air dry). But Morgan, the girl who did my hair, was excellent at using the round brush and curling iron to achieve the soft waves. (see exhibit A below)

 What's more, after sitting in the chair for so long, she could probably sense my squirming and offered me a towel to roll up for my lower back...so sweet! But to pass the time (which isn't long if your hair isn't way long like mine), there's a huge flat screen in front of the bar that plays strictly chick flicks (we watched The Devil Wears Prada/Breakfast at Tiffany's). When it was all said and done, on my way out, they gave me a free yellow drybar umbrella for my lovely venture out into the rain (I swear it only does this on blowout days). 

Rain or shine though, drybar, I will be back. ;)

P.S. Click over here to see how my hair was styled last year in NY at drybar. 

No compensation was received in exchange for this post...just a free blowout. All opinions are my own, and you can tell I loved every bit of my hair. ;)
Couldn't resist this doormat at drybar Dallas
The Mai Tai amidst the rain

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