Trimdown Thursday: The Final 10 ~ I Heart Heels

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Trimdown Thursday: The Final 10

If you've been following my baby bounceback since spring, you'll know that I've been working hard to shed the beloved baby weight...and my deadline is New York Fashion Week. Eek. That's just five weeks away now, and I'm still right on target to meet my goal that very week. (And yes, I still plan on the frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity while there if said goal happens.) 

I'm now on the final 10 and am at the point where it's so close that I'm getting a little antsy...and slightly bored with it all. Some days I think, eh, I look and feel fine...what's 10 more pounds? But then I remind myself that my clothes still don't completely fit all the way normal, even though they button and zip. Eyes on the prize Jules, eyes on the prize. If I'm going to do the dang thing, I'm gonna do it right and all the way, so...I'm still working out to my heart's content (still the same mix of Pilates, Pure Barre and cardio) and eating Weight Watchers (although it was my husband's birthday this week, so I fudged a little by eating a decadent piece of an ice cream cake...thank goodness for those flex points, eh?). 

You're probably thinking by now, hasn't she lost it all YET? What's taking so long. Well, hons, I tend to not be of the type to just gain it and lose it, no prob. This bod's gotta work (werk?) to shed the pounds, so hopefully after another month you won't have to keep hearing about it (ya bored yet?). (Hey and don't forget I'm still nursing. In case you didn't read yesterday's update. Gotta keep up the nutrition!) But truthfully this blog keeps me accountable and helps me stay on track. And besides fitting into my fav cutoffs this week (score!), it's even more about how my body is transforming and toning up. It's great to see my legs and arms getting more definition, and I have to tell you that my private Pilates instructor has realllllly worked these abs, but she's also given me a bit of "therapy." And no, not that kind. I have lower back issues (I blame it on the epidural with my firstborn....ugh...go natural if ya can, k?) and when I have babies I also develop neck issues from sleeping weird (this one will sleep in her crib, y'all). So my instructor (let's call her Babs) has worked with me to get those issues stretched out and it. is. wonderful. 

So as far as my wardrobe goes, I'm living in shorts now, which is funny to me because for like ever I lived in tummy control leggings. I got soooo tired of wearing the same thing! I'm squealing over the amount of new clothing I have now (because, um, did I mention you can get lost in my closet?). I'm also loving flowy dresses. Yesterday I wore my distressed skinny jeans for the first time in over a year, and it was so fun (until I spilled almond butter on them...I mean, how do you do that?). I'm delighted in the fact that I have about 50 pairs of jeans to slip into come fall, so I'm sorta saving those for the grand finale. I know once I can wear all of them comfortably, that's what I'll live in, so I'm embracing the shorts in this hot weather while I can. 

Shoes? You know I'm not teetering around in stilettos all day with these babes of mine. But when I do have somewhere to be besides the school pick-up line (and, yes, this could include the grocery store. no judging.), I love to sort through my shoes and find a pair of heels to make me feel so good. I shop in them, I run errands in them, I do special occasions in them. I savor every moment in them while I can because honestly I don't wanna wear them while I'm toting the car seat on one arm. Not safe...and not fun. A good compromise for me lately has been the plethora of wedges I own, and I was just sent these by Brian James, a mom-friendly brand I adore. (Here are the flats I own, too. This was a year ago, and I was two months pregnant!) Follow the brand on Facebook and Twitter because they've got some super styles that you can actually walk in, mamas. :) And Lilla P is who makes the tank and cardi wrap here. This is another great brand of basics that you'll wanna live in, trust me. I've been wearing this brand forever...I mean, look how young I look here and it was just three years ago! My how children age you.) 

So that's my summer uniform as of late in a nutshell. I feel like I can be cute and function as a new mom in this - and be comfy. Now about these pesky 10 pounds...I hope to report back next week that I'm on the "less than 10 pound" road to weight loss...stay tuned!!


I'm shoe shopping right now. But leave me a message here and I'll get back to you!